Episode 231: Pool Chasers New Co/Host Justin Bowie

Greg kicks off 2023 with an introduction to Pool Chasers’ newest co-host (and popular recurring guest on the show), Justin Bowie, President at JMax Companies!

"100% of what drove me was just tunnel vision on making money and putting myself where I wanted to be."

About the Episode

We start the conversation going down memory lane as Justin recalls his early days in the trades and, later on, getting his start in the pool industry from the very bottom as a plumber. An entrepreneur to the core, he took over his employer’s company six years in, then started his own company sometime after.

Justin says that what separated him from his peers, from the earliest days of his career, was his unquenchable ambition and clarity on what he wants.

He talks about the keys to his success at JMax and in the pool industry in general, from his first few hires to his keen financial acumen to knowing how to set his priorities.

Topics Discussed

  • [07:20] How Justin got into the trades

  • [15:46] Justin’s first experience with the super-competitive pool market

  • [20:01] Hiring the new generation

  • [23:34] How ambition set Justin apart from everyone else

  • [33:18] The first couple of years in Justin’s career

  • [46:59] Starting JMax

  • [54:49] Factoring in financial losses

  • [57:38] Justin’s first hires

  • [1:04:13] Networking with other big companies

  • [1:09:07] Where JMax is today

  • [1:13:52] Adding a personal touch to the JMax brand

  • [1:25:13] Setting the right priorities

Resources & People Mentioned:

  • Valley Beer by Wren Brewing 

  • Ale Smith Sublime Mexican Lager 

  • Scottsdale Community College 

  • Del Web School of Construction 

  • American Income on Instagram 

  • Shasta 

  • Paddock 

  • Buzz

  • C&E Builders

  • Herder Plumbing  

  • Jmax Website 

  • Custom Tooling

  • JMax t-shirts 

  • Hazen Williams T Shirt  

  • Presidential Pools 

  • California Pools 

  • Amingeree Hotel