Episode 256: Tax Planning: Prepare to Sell & Exit Business Confidentially with CPA M&A Specialist, Joshua Hayes & Buzz Ghiz


In this episode we are joined by CPA Joshua Hayes to discuss the tax side of selling a business. Joshua, with 30 years of experience in tax, specializes in transaction advisory services, particularly in the M&A space. He shares his insights on helping business owners efficiently sell their companies and navigate the unique tax structures involved in these transactions. Tune in to learn more about the importance of using standardized financial rules and the value of expert tax guidance when selling your business.



  • 03:57 Curb appeal
  • 08:35 Sticking point between banks and income taxes.
  • 13:07 Adjustments when selling a company
  • 15:23 3rd party opinion on financial statements by CPA
  • 18:26 What would it take for you to buy my pool building business
  • 25:58 Subscription-based technology services
  • 26:50 Providing more services as a builder
  • 32:40 Contracts and demonstrating value
  • 39:37 Selling into a hot market
  • 44:27 Valuing unique business attributes
  • 48:32 Tax implications in buying assets
  • 52:19 Tax fiction and hybrid sale concept
  • 56:30 Company scalability and higher multiples
  • 01:01:14 Carrot out there for sellers
  • 01:03:22 Private equity and pool companies
  • 01:07:04 Growing and scaling a company
  • 01:11:24 Valuation by strategic buyer or private equity
  • 01:14:40 Reducing business risk through expansion
  • 01:18:50 Royalty for becoming an influencer
  • 01:21:25 Shark Tank
  • 01:27:00 Golden handcuffs and retention bonuses.
  • 01:30:00]Key advice for selling
  • 01:35:40 Favorite pool in Montana
  • 01:36:50 The importance of "Start with Why"