Episode 255: Lessons From Multitasking Pool Service, Construction, & Product Development with Kayne Zamorano


In this casual episode, we chat with our good friend Kayne Zamorano, the visionary founder of Premier Pool Care and Premier Pool Co. in Phoenix, Arizona. Kayne tbrings us up to speed on his journey of balancing pool maintenance, construction, and product innovation. His evolution from pool service to construction was ignited by frustrations over servicing luxury pools that were lacking appropriate equipment or care. As he stepped into the construction world, he quickly mastered the nuances of the industry and understood how agility fuels success. Despite the pressures to deliver projects swiftly, Kayne remains committed to his mission of crafting high-quality pools, embracing patience and acknowledging the inherent learning curves. His tenacity shines through as he continually offers comprehensive services to his clientele. Join us to uncover Kayne's captivating narrative and gain an insider's view into the world of pool-building.



[00:04:05] Pool equipment and electrical issues

[00:06:31] Justin sends Kayne first pool build and…

[00:08:54] Lessons from first pool builds

[00:14:12] Dealing with difficult customers

[00:19:00] Pool construction mishap

[00:24:31] Chlorine plus chemicals pricing model

[00:29:22] How Greg & Kayne met

[00:32:12] Pool tech Grinder story

[00:36:57] Sketchy first repair guy

[00:38:42] Shady ass unlicensed plumber story

[00:41:24] Justin fires guy onsite story

[00:45:34] Going viral on social media.

[01:01:55] Pool filter machine struggles.