Episode 254: Pool Pro Magazine July/August 2023 Issue with Megan Kendrick


In this episode, Megan Kendrick joins us to discuss Pool Pro Magazine July/August 2023 issue. The main focus of this issue is placed on the challenges faced by the pool industry during the busy summer season. We discuss the physical and mental toll that the industry takes on professionals and share insights on how to protect one's mental health during this demanding period. The cover features Spartan Pool & Patio located in Norman, Oklahoma. This issue is packed with quality articles including The Effects of Price Changes, Remodeling with Hydroblasting, Cyclical Pool Marketing, and much more! Tune in to gain valuable insights and strategies for thriving in the pool industry.


  • [00:03:23] Spartan Pool & Patio
  • [00:06:51] Summer Survival Guide
  • [00:10:50] Monkey Island
  • [00:14:59] Leadership
  • [00:19:37] The Effects of Price Changes
  • [00:23:42] Hydroblasting
  • [00:27:21] Cyclical Pool Marketing
  • [00:28:12] Trade certified business