Episode 252: King Technology: 45 Years & Brands that Sanitize Water & Reduce the Use of Chemicals with Alex King & Dwayne May


The podcast episode highlights the benefits of using minerals in pool maintenance to improve water quality and reduce the need for chlorine. Minerals like silver are effective in sanitizing the water, keeping the pool clean and clear. When combined with a small amount of chlorine, the minerals work synergistically to provide better disinfection than chlorine alone, reducing overall pool care and allowing homeowners to return to a zero chlorine residual even after a pool party. The use of minerals also reduces the need for cyanuric acid, a concern for many people in different parts of the country. It is important to use an EPA-registered disinfectant that does not contain metals that could lead to staining issues.

The episode discusses the current chlorine shortage and rising costs, which have led to increased interest in alternative sanitizing methods. People are looking for ways to save on chlorine and make their time more valuable while having less impact on their pocketbook. The Instant Frog is an example of a product that has been around for a while, but the chlorine shortage has driven a huge awareness of it. The Instant Frog is a second sanitizer that can be used with various chemicals and is a one-chemical solution that people can smell, touch, and feel from a chlorine standpoint. Support programs, such as buying five and getting one free, can help reduce costs.


Using a second sanitizer, such as minerals, can save time and money for pool maintenance professionals. By introducing minerals as a second sanitizer, the load of overall chemistry is lessened, and the pool can be brought back to its tip-top shape quicker. The minerals are effective in sanitizing the water and killing bacteria, allowing the primary sanitizer, such as chlorine, to work more effectively. This means that less chlorine is needed, saving money for pool maintenance professionals. By saving time and money, pool maintenance professionals can be more efficient in their work and potentially grow their business by adding more pools to their workload. Utilizing a second sanitizer can lead to happier homeowners and service customers, making referrals easier.


  • [00:00:14] Preventative pool cleaning technology.

  • [00:06:10] Hot tub bromine feeder.

  • [00:06:50] Planned out photo shoots.

  • [00:10:19] Snow in the pool.

  • [00:16:10] Chlorine-free pool alternative.

  • [00:17:10] Installation-free mineral products.

  • [00:20:01] Pool cleaning product differentiation.

  • [00:23:25] Chemicals and hot tub maintenance.

  • [00:29:05] Softer water experience.

  • [00:30:04] Sanitizing technologies in pools.

  • [00:33:33] EPA certification and regulation.

  • [00:37:35] Chlorine-free pool maintenance.

  • [00:39:48] Second sanitizer for pools.

  • [00:43:23] MAP protection policy.

  • [00:47:34] Converting to Frog System.

  • [00:51:52] Jurassic pool with dinosaur skeleton.

  • [00:53:37] Pools in Minnesota.

  • [00:57:05] Local support for listeners.

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