Episode 250: Underwater Pool Photography with Sarah Teveldal of FlashPool Productions


Greg and Justin sit down with Sarah Teveldal of FlashPool Productions, an underwater photography and video production company, at the stunning Commodore Perry Estate in Austin, Texas.

FlashPool productions offers underwater photography and video services worldwide for private and commercial clients, pool builders, swimwear brands, and much more. **

Sarah shares her remarkable journey from her beginnings in South Dakota to finding her passion for underwater photography in Australia, and how she transformed this passion into a successful business.

We do a deep dive into the world of underwater photography as Sarah talks to us about the unique techniques and equipment required to capture breathtaking photos and videos for swim teams, swim schools, and even pool parties.

She describes her process for documenting pool-cleaning and construction processes creatively for social media, and how planning ahead is crucial for achieving the perfect shot. She reveals the challenges she faced while building her custom fiberglass pool, as well as her love for swimming and traveling.

Finally, Sarah gives her thoughts on the growing popularity of underwater maternity shoots and mermaid makeovers, showcasing the versatility and captivating nature of underwater photography.


  • [03:45] About Sarah and FlashPool, and how she got into underwater photography
  • [05:59] Types of photoshoots and clients
  • [07:55] How did you get into underwater photography?
  • [13:35] First clients
  • [15:31] Photographers who inspire Sarah
  • [17:11] First pool builder client in Austin
  • [19:02] Jandy SpeedSet Variable-Speed Pump Controller
  • [20:05] Sarah’s go-to gear
  • [24:05] What is ISO?
  • [27:32]Best Financing Options with Lyon Financial
  • [28:34] Photography tips for pool service or builders
  • [30:02]Be creative & test new angles
  • [34:44] Benefits of underwater photography for the trades
  • [39:21] Sarah’s pool-building experience as a owner builder
  • [54:30] Sarah’s favorite swimming pool destinations


Key Quotes by Sarah

  • If you shoot towards the surface, you’ll see a lot more reflections. I encourage my subjects to stay closer to the surface because the reflections paint a picture for you. Even in shallow water, photos will make it look deeper than it actually is.
  • When doing underwater photography, you need to let the water do the work.

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