Episode 248: Thriving Against the Odds: Sarah Herring's Path to CSR Excellence


Sarah Herring currently works for Innovative Pool Trades managing the shotcrete division.

After serving 2 1/2 years in prison she worked as a CSR for one of the largest pool builders in the valley, Mossman Brothers Pools. While working for Mossman she developed many skills and undertook tasks that would make her the go-to person for customers and sub-contractors. After years of continued commitment she decided to move on.

During her time at Mossman, Sarah created a reputation for doing whatever needed to be done to ensure pools got built! Even if that meant using personal lines of credit to buy equipment. The respect she has for the trades is mutual and almost personal.



  • [00:05:35] How Sarah Got Started in the Pool Business
  • [00:20:57] Lyon Financial
  • [00:26:57] Planning for life after prison
  • [00:29:06] Adjusting to life after prison
  • [00:29:55] First jobs after release
  • [00:31:07] First year at Mossman
  • [00:32:07] Sticking it out with Mossman
  • [00:33:44] Working as a CSR & more
  • [00:35:00] Jandy SpeedSet Variable-Speed Pump Controller
  • [00:36:47] Dealing with frustrated customers
  • [00:37:30] Going above & beyond for subs
  • [00:38:29] What Mike & Justin dislike about working with CSR's
  • [00:45:46] What Sarah would do different
  • [00:53:17] Pros & cons of being a woman CSR
  • [00:56:57] Going the extra mile for clients
  • [01:00:12] Currently working with Innovative Shotcrete
  • [01:11:35] Favorite pool