Episode 247: The Business of Scroll Stopping Video & Photo Content with Gordon Ly of Ly Visuals


Greg, Justin, and Mike sit down with Gordon Ly. He is the founder of Ly Visuals, a Scottsdale based creative agency specializing in scroll stopping video and photo content tailor-made for local small businesses and global ecommerce brands alike.

Gordon got his start in the world of business with an active apparel company he launched out of his passion for health and fitness. That experience brought with it a ton of lessons that Gordon carried over into his creative agency.

Listen in as Gordon discusses the ins-and-outs of content marketing in 2023. To him, rising above the noise in today’s saturated marketplace comes down to acquiring and keeping your prospects’ attention.

The key to doing this is by putting out the right type of content on the social media platforms of your choice, regularly over a long period of time to stay top-of-mind with your ideal customers, and tracking their progress through your sales funnel at every touchpoint.

Gordon also talks about why he decided to introduce coaching and the sale of digital products into his business to those who want a hands-on opportunity to master the sales process.



  • Gordon’s biggest lessons learned in business
  • Intentional content creation
  • Creating content that converts
  • The right type of video content for different social media platforms
  • Considerations regarding sound in video content
  • Getting people comfortable during photoshoots
  • How Gordon prices his services
  • The value of failing fast
  • Why Gordon was inspired to offer digital products
  • Our favorite books and audiobooks
  • Gordon’s favorite pools