Episode 246: Rain Deck: Splash Pad Kits, Design, & Products for Residential & Commercial with Ryan Werlich


Greg and Justin sit down with Ryan Werlich, VP of Operations at Rain Deck, a company that produces residential and commercial splash pad/park products.

Before getting into pools, Ryan was in the real estate space. It was in 2012, during the subprime mortgage crisis, when he got into the pool industry by “accident” after reconnecting with old church missionary friends, who proposed that they do business together.

Listen in as Ryan breaks down the construction of splash pads, both on the residential and the commercial level. He explains what builders will find in Rain Deck’s backyard splash pad kit and the average costs homeowners should expect when considering the installation of a backyard splash pad.

He also talks about incorporating an existing pool’s piping with a new splash pad, as well as automation. Finally, Ryan shares why, since the outbreak of the pandemic, he and the Rain Deck team have stopped attending pool trade shows, and how they maintain a steady stream of referrals today.



  • [01:34] Ryan’s early career
  • [04:58] From real estate into the pool industry
  • [07:40] The story behind Rain Deck
  • [11:36] What goes into building a splash pad
  • [15:04] What’s in the Rain Deck splash pad kit
  • [17:48] Lyon Financial
  • [17:48] Jandy Speed Set Variable Speed Pump Controller
  • [18:49] Setting up the Raid Deck backyard splash pad
  • [28:07] The average budget for a backyard splash pad
  • [30:08] Ryan’s favorite features for residential and commercial splash pads
  • [34:31] Incorporating pool automation with a splash pad
  • [37:22] Ryan’s favorite project
  • [40:07] How Rain Deck finds customers