Episode 245: Pool Leak Detection: Managing The Entire Process - Start to Finish with Ryan West of Leak Science


Greg and Justin sit down with Ryan West, President of Leak Science, a veteran-owned company which specializes in swimming pool leak detection and pool restoration.

Ryan got his start in the pool business after leaving the U.S. Navy. Beginning with a small route of pools, he quickly grew his company to over 300 client accounts. After a successful run in pool service management, Ryan sold his business and switched his focus exclusively to repair work.

Following leak detection training, Ryan opened Leak Science—the only full-service company of its kind in the Valley. He lists the unique challenges of the job, the equipment he uses, what he listens for as a leak locator, and the stringent training process he uses when hiring repairmen.

Ryan discusses the different types of leaks and what makes detecting them so hard. He also explains what builders should consider when constructing a pool to minimize the risk of leaks, as well as what to do to ensure longevity following a leak fix.

Finally, he talks about his process for working with new clients, communicating with irritable clients, avoiding lawsuits, and dealing with the tricky situation of being called on by owner-builders.



  • [04:37] About Ryan and Leak Science
  • [12:21] Ryan’s worst job
  • [17:39] Jandy SpeedSet Variable-Speed Pump Controller
  • [20:17] What makes leak detection so hard
  • [24:36] Types of leaks
  • [27:47] Lyon Financial
  • [33:26] How long it takes for a leak to be noticed and preliminary questions asked
  • [33:55] Anderson Manufacturing
  • [41:09] The average cost of Ryan’s services
  • [49:32] About the static leak test
  • [58:34] Using helium in leak detection
  • [59:59] Ensuring longevity following a leak fix
  • [1:10:14] Structural considerations to avoid leaks when constructing a pool
  • [1:15:09] Dealing with owner-builders
  • [1:17:54] Ryan’s favorite pool and the most outrageous pool he’s ever seen
  • [1:21:50] Book recommendation



  • Leak detection is 90% the operator, 10% the equipment.
  • To make a leak locator—a leak repairman—you gotta invest the time.