Episode 242: Honest Feedback! Western Pool Show, Manufacturer Disappointment, & Hasa Buys Orenda with Greg, Justin, & Mike

Western Pool Spa Show Orenda Hasa


The three look back on their recent experience at the Western Pool and Spa Show in Long Beach and compare the event with the Vegas trade show, discuss the changes they want to see when it comes to pool cleaning tech, and talk about the most exciting new products revealed at the recent show.

They vent their frustrations around A&A’s logistical issues and general lack of attention around customer experience and feedback, and offer their thoughts on how the company can improve. They also touch on Weld-On and Christy’s 2019 acquisition by IPS (pitting the two adhesive companies against each other in the process), as well as Orenda’s recent acquisition by HASA.

Switching gears, they go back to the topic of the Long Beach show, with Greg giving his thoughts on the folks he met at the event, including PoolPro’s Megan Kendrick and Joe Mischik of Painless Pool Care. He also shares what he learned about Pentair’s exciting pool builder software.

Finally, Greg, Justin, and Mike reflect on the Western Pool and Spa Show in Los Angeles, capping off the conversation with their quick takes on Gen Z and the AI revolution.

Topics Discussed

[00:45] Wrenhouse beer choice of the week

[02:59] Brandon w/ Pool_Volution call

[03:55] Justin’s Sedona car rally fun

[07:55] Chasing CM600 robotic cleaner

[09:29] Testing Solar Breeze in Justin’s pool

[10:28] Vac cleaners in luxury pools

[11:04] Large pool w/ two cleaners doesn't work

[11:56] AJ Grucky gives tour of products

[12:49] Blue Square

[13:26] Disappointed in A&A

[15:48] The difficulty of completing pools w/ no parts

[22:53] Pentair warranty claims

[23:31] Weldon & Christy's glue

[26:02] Alien Tape

[26:50] Megan & Pool Pro Magazine

[27:35] Pentair Pool Builder software

[30:22] Lil Algy?

[31:11] All these cameras and no video ****

[31:47] Joe Mischik of Painless Pool Care

[34:11] Hasa buys Orenda

[39:27] Long Beach Swim School EQ Room

[40:18] JMax Update

[41:09] Work leads from lunch

[45:43] AI tech is scary

People & Resources Mentioned