Episode 241: Buzz Ghiz: How Leadership and Culture Built Decades of Success in Pool Construction & Manufacturing


Greg and Justin sit down with Lewis “Buzz” Ghiz, Owner of Paramount Pool & Spa Systems. The Phoenix-area pool and spa equipment manufacturer was started by Buzz’s father George in 1964 as a research-and-development arm to builder-retailer Paddock Pools.

Buzz, alongside his brothers David and Edward, took over both companies once George stepped down, and, in 2005, decided to sell Paddock Pools to be able to put all their energies into developing Paramount.

In 2017, Buzz heavily deliberated on the painful decision to sell the family business after losing his brother Edward and sister Jazelle. He ultimately decided to pass the reins of the company to Hayward CEO Clark Hale.

Listen in as Buzz discusses how he’s keeping busy in retirement, fully believing that as long as he’s still around, he needs to engage himself in projects that give him a sense of purpose and excitement to get out of bed every single morning.

Buzz talks about his biggest lessons learned from his entrepreneurial father George, especially the importance of developing genuine and sincere relationships if you want your business to succeed long-term.

He also gives his thoughts on the current state of the pool industry, and his best practices around training your team, testing product viability, and maximizing the “wow” factor when unveiling a pool to your client.


  • [01:37] Buzz talks life in retirement
  • [03:18] About the Ghiz family business and why Buzz wanted to stay in the pool industry
  • [12:28] The Paramount story
  • [17:35] Why George dedicated to establish Paddock
  • [22:39] PACE (Paramount Advisory Committee Enterprise)
  • [30:54] Buzz’s thoughts on the franchise model
  • [37:43] Developing Paramount products
  • [43:38] Buzz’s mentors
  • [48:58] Creating a memorable experience for your client
  • [56:36] Buzz’s current and upcoming projects
  • [59:52] Thoughts on the pool industry today
  • [1:04:46] Buzz’s book recommendations
  • [1:09:56] Buzz’s favorite pools


Key Quotes by Buzz Ghiz

  • I’m a firm believer that you have to have a purpose in life, and that when you get out of bed you have to be laser-focused on something.
  • Anybody can be transactional; but, a strong business is built on sincere, genuine relationships.
  • Surround yourself with rainmakers: At the end of the day, your business is built on people.
  • Market safe, market wise, and you’ll get your share.

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