Episode 237: Creating a Legacy by Adapting and Dedication with Mike Rynne of JMax


We had the honor of chatting with Mike Rynne. This is an incredible human being that has given all his time and effort to every company he has ever worked for including JMax Plumbing.

Mike has been involved in the pool industry since 1994, with roles in retail, service, remodeling, and new pool construction. Before taking on a leadership role at JMax alongside Justin, he built a career at Paddock Pools for over 15 years.

Listen in as Mike goes down memory lane, reflecting on the ups and downs in both his personal life and his journey in the pool business. Greg, and Justin break down the series of mishaps that led to Paddock’s steady decline as a company, and what Mike would have done differently were he to experience his time there again.

Mike then moves onto how he met Justin and got involved with JMax. He discusses customer service best practices and the importance of keeping up with innovation. Finally, he talks about his industry mentors, and his most interesting pools and favorite pool products through the years.


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  • [05:45] Mike’s story
  • [28:39] Mike’s battle with lupus
  • [34:05] Crazy adventures in Vegas
  • [43:27] What Justin and Mike look for in new hires
  • [50:55] Paddock’s downfall
  • [58:37] What Mike would have done differently on Paddock’s leadership team
  • [1:03:53] Moving on to JMax
  • [1:13:36] Dealing with a confrontation
  • [1:17:39] How does customer service best at JMax?
  • [1:20:02] The importance of keeping up with innovation
  • [1:22:26] Mike’s mentors in the pool business
  • [1:16:17] The craziest pools Mike has ever seen
  • [1:33:55] Mike’s favorite pool products over the years
  • [1:41:18] Mike’s favorite pool of all time



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