Episode 234:Pool Pro Magazine: January/February 2023, issue Devoted to Pool Plastering & The Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City with Megan Kendrick

"We've dubbed this our first-ever plaster issue - devoted almost entirely to the installation and proper maintenance of a pool's finish."

About this episode

Greg talks with Megan Kendrick to talk about the January/February 2023 issue of PoolPro Magazine!

Megan shares why the latest issue of the magazine puts a spotlight on the underrepresented topic of pool plaster.

She runs through other notable stories covered in the January/February issue, including the most important industry-related events and seminars like the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show from January 24-26.

Finally, Megan talks about the not-as-well-known lucrative potential in the hot tub industry, and the types of stories that PoolPro Magazine is looking forward to featuring in upcoming issues!

Connect with Pool Pro Magazine & Megan Kendrick:

Topics Discussed

  • [01:23] Why the latest issue has a big focus on pool plaster

  • [03:12] How to subscribe to PoolPro

  • [04:50] The Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City 

  • [05:48] About the main article, “Tempool Covers the Spread” featuring Jon Temple

  • [10:14] How plaster can make or break a pool

  • [12:41] Highlighting the most exciting upcoming events and seminars in the pool space

  • [15:56] Why hot tubs are underrated in the pool industry

  • [20:55] Stories that PoolPro Magazine is looking out for

Resources Mentioned


  • Plasters are like service professionals: They’re one of the last to touch a pool build and often get blamed for things that aren’t actually their fault.

  • Don’t turn your nose up at the hot tub industry. There is a lot of money rolling around on that side of the business.