Episode 232: How to Work with Real Estate Agents & Not Waste Anybody’s Time with Jennifer & Samantha of AZ Luxury Home Group

Today, we sit down with Jennifer Kourouglos and Samantha Moore of real estate listing company AZ Luxury Home Group and the brokerage Launch Real Estate.

It doesn’t need to be overly complicated. We’re in the service industry. This is about helping people—being a value-add, not a burden.

About the Episode

Since partnering eight years prior, their business has grown from solely doing resale for buyers and sellers to representing builders and developers. They have also recently started buying and flipping their own properties together.

Listen in as we discuss the unfortunate misconceptions that so many aspiring realtors pick up in a modern society filled with reality shows and social media influencers that over-glamorize the real estate industry while shying away from the hard and often mundane work that it really takes to succeed.

Jennifer and Samantha remind us that consistent effort, market knowledge, and consistency—the basic fundamentals of any business—are what’s needed to win in the world of real estate.

With the knowledge that Arizona homebuyers put pools (or the possibility of building a pool) at the top of their list of priorities when shopping for a property, we dive deep into how realtors can best prepare a home and pool for the market.

They also explain how pool companies can best work with realtors to create a win-win scenario that nets both parties more business in the long run. Some benefits that come with great partnerships include being able to stay on top of the latest pool trends, including the luxury sector, and being able to get a more holistic perspective on the pool market in general.


Topics Discussed

  • [12:16] Problems with many younger realtors today and what it really takes to succeed in the industry

  • [17:19] Why pools are often at the top of the list of priorities for AZ homebuyers

  • [27:45] The process behind selling a home

  • [35:13] Inspecting the pool

  • [40:05] What pool companies can do to help realtors

  • [46:56] Staying on top of trends in the luxury pool market

  • [1:12:43] Over-the-top features in luxury homes

  • [1:20:25] How to find and partner with a real estate company

  • [1:25:14] Jennifer and Samantha’s favorite social media accounts

  • [01:27:30] Options buyers want in a pool

  • [1:38:57] What to expect in the housing market in 2023

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