Episode 0: Introduction to the Pool Chasers Podcast

Welcome to the Pool Chasers Podcast. Thank you for tuning in.

My name is Greg Villafana & My name is Tyler Rasmussen

This is episode Zero AKA introduction to the Pool Chasers Podcast.

You might be wondering… what is Pool Chasers?!

Well, here’s the story!

In December of 2013, we started our company called Brothers Pool Service & Repair, which is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

We have a unique and different approach to the industry. We have learned from trial and error, as well as thinking outside of the box.

So we did what we do best and applied the skills we had inherited from previous jobs.

We are in the field just like most of you. We have serviced pools, cleaned filters, done minor repairs, full equipment installs, heaters, and even automation. We still have the early mornings, the late nights, the after hour email sessions, and of course the daily grind of communication with our customers.

All of our hard work has paid off! We have accumulated over 400 loyal weekly service accounts in just 4 years. We have a full time repair department, 2 offices, and a warehouse. We have an amazing team who believes in our vision and provides good quality service to our customers everyday. This is so important to us!

Since we started our business we have received tons of emails, calls, direct messages with questions about business as well as compliments on how we do things and the approaches we take.

We have learned that a lot of the information on how to start a pool service business is either outdated or non existence.

Where can you go to seek knowledge on how to run a pool business in this  technological day and age? Where can you go for help on how to market and grow that business? Why can’t you find advice on how to deal with angry customers? These are all good questions that we were unable to find answers to ourselves.

We figured, as professionals in the pool and spa industry with an opinion on the matter, we should try and share any knowledge we have absorbed over the years. We don't claim to be experts, we still learn things everyday, but we have had enough success in the industry to share what we know.

On October 13th 2017 we were driving to Lake Havasu Arizona for our annual company retreat.

We were listening to podcast, talking about our team, the industry and where we thought things were going. Out of nowhere we said “why don’t we start a podcast! From that day forward we did everything in our power to make this possible. So right then and there Pool Chasers was born.

Our goal is to produce a podcast for the swimming pool and spa industry that can teach and inspire through stories and experiences. We will dig into these stories to provide as many quality tips, tricks, and strategies as possible. We will not be afraid to ask the tough questions.

Whether you own a business or whether you service, repair, build, design, or market pools, we want to build a podcast tailored to fit our needs.

We will be interviewing business owners, pool service & repair companies, builders, manufactures, marketing and social media experts, as well as many others that can help progress, inspire and entertain us all.

It will be a pool and spa industry podcast by 2 guys who are actually in the pool and spa industry. We are excited to learn alongside you guys as we dive into this industry we love so much.

Since there is such a diverse group of people and opinions out there we thought it would be best to interview as many people as possible. We have searched high and low for a podcast or community that offers this type of information. Since we were not successful we are proud that this will be the first of its kin

We hope you will enjoy our conversations as much as we do. If you do please subscribe

See you out there Pool Chasers!